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Not the owner

Kalamazoo, MI

Tatman says, “I finally had my camera ready to submit this Mustang that I see a lot. This guy was parked in front of a local building supply that I frequent a lot. He is there quite often, but from the way he’s always parked, he must think he owns the place.”

He adds, “I love seeing all of the imbeciles out there with no clue on how to perform a simple task of parking your vehicle.  Thanks for the laughs.”

Hey you’re welcome man!



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Scooting closer

Hingham, MA

Jeff says, “In this photo you can see my scooter. You can also see the honkin’ big SUV that felt it necessary to get so close that the teenagers in the back seat had to squirm out of their doors to avoid hitting my 
scooter’s mirrors. Another prize for great SUV pilots everywhere!”


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Big boat blunder

Lowell, MI

It’s a little hard to tell, but that truck and boat are blocking the entrance to about four parking spots. See that nice wide open spot in the back of the lot there? That’s where you and your big boat belong.

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Moving day?

Athens, GA

An anonymous sender writes that this photo was taken at an apartment. “I can only assume the person was trying to park as close as possible to their apartment so they could unload something big and/or heavy. Otherwise this doesn’t even make sense;  there were empty parking spaces. Once again a driver feels the need to be on the sidewalk.”

We’ll assume the drive was moving a big screen tv. Or something.


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Hanging out

Athens, GA

An anonymous sender explains that this photo was taken in a Kroger parking lot. “The driver has parked over the sidewalk for no apparent reason. Even the vans managed to park without doing that. Does the driver hate people in wheelchairs? Do they want their car to be hit by a cart?”

I think both are valid possible reasons.


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What’s up with the red car?

New Ash Green

Tobiwan says, “Another classic New Ash Green moment. I’ve seen this one so many times and not had my camera, but this time I did. The black car can be excused, it’s quite a narrow road. But what is the deal with the red car?”


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Canterybury, UK

Tobiwan says, “This one was spotted by my friend Bobcat on his university campus. He was on his way to a lecture one morning and had to take a photo. I’m guessing the driver had over-indulged the nite before?”


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