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Newport, ME

Margaret says, “I was leaving a fast food joint when I came across this beauty. I have to admit, they admirably managed to keep the back end of the camper within the lines.”

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At the picture show

Cincinnati, OH

Blake says, “This was taken at a movie theater.  It was around noon on friday.  The parking lot was mostly empty.”

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Valencia, CA

SB says, “This school bus driver was octuple-parked at the Bev-Mo around 1:30 pm on July 24th.”

Octuple parked. That’s a first.


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Vans in violation

Somewhere in CT

Jacob says, “I stopped at a Friendly’s while passing through suburban Connecticut and saw this cascade of bad parking.  My best interpretation is that the van in the middle parked first, then his coworker squeezed in to the right, and the PT Cruiser rolled the dice by taking the spot on the other side.  When I came out after lunch, both vans were gone, and a family was boarding the Cruiser (which appeared undamaged).”

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Columbus, OH

Chris says this was taken at the Tuttle Mall.

People really struggle with the diagonals huh?

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Lack of effort

Kalamazoo, MI

Justin says, “I caught this person parked in front of my shop. It’s just plain terrible!”

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Not so special

Buda, TX

Daniel says, “I took this picture of this asshole’s car in the parking lot of Walmart.  This is a classic example of  ‘feeling special.’  Well, the owner of this SUV ought not to feel so special–they’re shopping at Walmart, just like the rest of us.”

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Movie time

Kennesaw, GA

Muffy says, “I took this picture outside a movie theater. I was there to pick up my teenage son, but I misjudged how long the movie was and had to wait a while for him. This truck was there for at least an hour so the driver was not someone who just drove up and ran in for a minute. He was inside watching a movie. I didn’t realize blind people went to the movies! The truck’s not far enough in the other space to make it look deliberate so I’ve decided he was just an ass in a hurry who couldn’t be bothered to park properly.”

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Four times the fun

Warsaw, IN

Josh says, “All four of these are from the same day in the same small plaza. I was just leaving the Steak ‘n Shake when this behemoth pulled in (first photo). Seriously, what was the driver thinking? There were plenty of larger spaces available just a few feet away.

The rest of the pictures were taken at Lowe’s right next to Steak ‘n Shake. I’ve seen both the Durango and Accord parked like that multiple times. Just look at the rubber marks under the Durango, he parks like that every day. At least these people don’t hog spaces right out front like the guy at Steak ‘n Shake.”

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Call a tow truck

Grand Rapids, MI

Rob says, “Ever seen a parking job that needed a tow truck?”


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