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Not to be bothered


Tim can’t remember where exactly he was when he took this, but says, “This guy is just too important to be bothered with backing up and pulling into the space correctly. Or maybe he just doesn’t care. I’m betting on the latter.”

I agree.

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Can’t wedge in

Hagerstown, MD

David says, “We witnessed no less than four cars (including ourselves) attempt to park behind this behemoth before realizing there was no sense in compounding the bad parking situation.”

He adds, “My original title was going to be ‘Four-Square anyone?’, but the compact to the right found a way to wedge himself in, so I decided against it.”

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At least someone got it right

Location Unknown

Laura says, “Looking at this picture of this big ol’ truck parked in Fresno tonight, I am thinking I should have framed it better so that you can see the white pick-up (same size) that managed to get it right. Oh well. Here it is for your consideration.”

We’ll take your word for it Laura.

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Four feet away


Matt took this outside his apartment at the University of Nebraska, explaining, “The middle car is about four feet from the curb, while the farthest car is parked at such an angle that its front end is a foot from the curb, with its trunk about six feet from the curb.”

Darn night pictures make it so hard to see anything. But I think you get the idea. If not, look more closely.

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At least it’s straight

Crystal Lake, IL

Brodie says he’s torn on this one “because on the one hand, the guy did park between to two outside lines.  On the other hand, he ignored all the other ones marking that section of pavement as NOT A PARKING SPOT. I guess he’s just more important than the old woman living in the complex who uses the handicapped parking spot.”

And he adds, rather indignantly, “This guy lives in the complex, is not handicapped, does not have handicapped plates or a window hanger, and was not transporting a handicapped person at the time. He’s just a lazy SOB.”


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Distracted at the DMV

San Diego, CA

Tim is back! He sent us this photo from a parking lot at a DMV, and explains, “I saw a number of examples of bad parking while walking in. Like the big white beast in the back – it hangs over both ends of the space.”

Gotta love bad parking at the DMV!

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Within your rights…

Lanarkshire, Scotland

Allan also took this on in the car park near his work. He explains, “The car park is usually about half full (half empty?). Clearly this means that if you want to take up two spaces, then that is your right, dammit!”

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