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Semi Cheney

Tigard, OR

Cabel took this at the Bridgeport Village shopping mall. “A friend on Twitter immediately asked if it had Montana plates. It did. Turns out he saw the same truck, parked the same way, in Vancouver. At a store fittingly called ‘Stupid Prices.’ Apparently, he ‘kind of looked like Dick Cheney.’ And then it hits you: that means this is his car.”

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Making them up


 Location Unknown

Of the first, Andrea says, “Apparently this individual decided that he was going to make his own parking spot, parking lines be damned. The parking lot was not full either.”

Of the second, she says, “The cars on the left are parked correctly in their designated spots. The car on the right is parked pretty darn good with the other cars, however, there are NO parking lines at all to park between BECAUSE IT IS PARKED IN THE DRIVING LANE! There was not that much accummulation of snow and ice on the parking lot with which to confuse designated parking areas. You’d think the stop sign, which is behind the photographer, would be a clue. The semi behind it is even parked in the driving lane!”

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