Scooting closer

Hingham, MA

Jeff says, “In this photo you can see my scooter. You can also see the honkin’ big SUV that felt it necessary to get so close that the teenagers in the back seat had to squirm out of their doors to avoid hitting my 
scooter’s mirrors. Another prize for great SUV pilots everywhere!”



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13 responses to “Scooting closer

  1. RP

    If they’d parked between two cars they would have had to climb out the back seat. Yeesh!

  2. paula

    technically the suv isn’t even over the line, just on it. however, parking a scooter in a whole parking space is about as horrible of parking as it gets.

  3. JoeyChange

    Yea, um, I gotta agree with Paula.
    The park-job on the SUV pretty much blows, but using that whole parking space for a scooter is ridiculous. I’ve never, ever, seen anyone do that with a scooter before.

  4. OK. Let’s not get all righteous about this, but the law states that I have to treat that tiny scooter as a motor vehicle.

    In fact, it’s registered as a motorcycle.

    I have (seriously) talked to my state senator about getting the parking regulations changed so that scooters would be able to legally park like bikes.

    But until that happens I can’t risk the $25 ticket for parking on a sidewalk. Or maybe it’s a $100 ticket for a lane violation. Or maybe it’s an impounded vehicle for operating a motor vehicle on a walkway.

    The real trouble is the perception of scooters as toys. But they’re not. They need to be registered. They can travel at speeds up to 100 miles an hour (mine goes 65). You need a license to drive them. And you get in the same trouble for breaking traffic laws as anyone else.

    Why should I try and ease the shortsightedness of the town or city by stuffing my vehicle wherever it will fit? Had I taken my car that day, I would have had the ‘right’ to park there?

    And my car is TINY. It’s about the size of a Mini, but thinner. What if I owned a Smart Car? Two of those could fit in that space. Would I then have to share it?

    I would gladly share the spot with another scooter or motorcycle because we then would be helping solve the problems of too many cars in the lot and on the roads, but no other scoots or bikes were there that day.

    Comments? Suggestions?

    And this is bad parking, not ‘hey that’s unfair’! My scoot is nearly perfectly centered in that spot from front to back and right to left. I should get an award.


  5. scott762x51

    Your complaining about someone parked on the line not over it but your taking up an entire parking spot with your retarded scooter? Heh when I first looked at this I just saw the scooter and thought that was what it was about.

    “New Flavors Like Irony!!!”

  6. paula

    justify it all you want, i still say the suv is the better parker.

    but i did just pee a little laughing at the phrase “my scoot”, but not in a good way.

  7. sitboaf

    Jeff is correct. Maybe you should actually read what he wrote. By law, he must park his scooter (which is classified as a motorcycle) like you and me.
    Paula, what can scooter owners do to meet your parking standards? Re-paint the lines in the parking lot to create small spaces?

  8. I’ve decided to bring along a folded-up cardboard diorama the exact size of a car with me on every scooter ride.

    Then, when I park the scoot, I’ll unfold the diorama (have no idea if this is being spelled correctly by the way) and place it around the scooter.

    That way I’ll fill a whole parking space (as required by law) and also prove that I can park between the lines for those of you who didn’t see the tiny scooter perfectly in the geographic center of that spot.


  9. anndelise

    Technically, the suv is in on the line, not over. But it’s pretty obvious looking at their park job that they felt that because the scoot took up so little of the parking space, that they could scootch over to the right of their own space more so that the driver wouldn’t have to squeeze out of his/her own door. They were probably quite happy that they found a spot right next to a scooter just so that they could have more leeway.

    As for scooter parking, it’s funny to see people complaining that a scooter (1-2 people) is taking up a full spot. If Jeff had been riding a big suv with only himself inside it, noone would think twice about him using the whole spot. One person, one parking spot.

    If Jeff had been riding a geo metro with only himself inside it, noone would think twice about him using the whole spot. One person, one parking spot.

    If he’d been on a motorcycle by himself, again, few would think anything about him taking up one spot. One person, one parking sport.

    But put him on a scooter and some people go ballistic. But it’s STILL one person, one parking spot. No difference.

    Instead of complaining about Jeff doing what he’s legally required to do, complain about the ‘one person one parking spot’ laws to get them changed so that there ARE parking spaces for smaller vehicles. I’m sure that if Jeff had the option of parking in a motorcycle or scooter sized slot, he would have done so. But he didn’t have that option. So why not spend that energy and negativity on getting those options to him? Oh wait, because then we would complain about how a perfectly good car slot was split in half instead of leaving it unsplit for a car/truck/suv. The horrors!!


  10. Greg

    Well, I wouldn’t complain about an SUV coming over the line when I’m on 2 wheels. That’s a bit absurd. I usually park to one side of the spot, to allow another 2 wheeler room to share the spot if one comes up, and to give cars more room on the other side if they want it. That said, 2 wheelers certainly have a right to a full space. Most cars are one person, one spot … or as this site like to show one person, two spots.

    Sadly in most places, 2-wheelers aren’t given parking spots that will allow them to take up less room. And in many cities, they will not only ticket but tow away scooters at bike racks or on sidewalks. “It could house a bomb!” or so the zealots proclaim. We need better parking plans that create room for bicycles, motorcycles/scooters, compact cars, and big SUVs. As gas prices have soared, more people are turning to 2 wheels, so creating parking for them makes more sense now than ever. More room for everyone!

  11. Sam

    I have to wondwer what alternative parking Paula would suggest. Very well put post Ann you basically covered what I was planning on saying and most likely did a much better job of it than I would have. The SUV owner in the pic may also have misjudged where the edge of the space they were parking in was due to the scooter being much thinner than your average vehicle.

  12. BG

    I wish there were more parking available for 2-wheel vehicles. At least they wouldn’t be taking spots more adequately served by a larger vehicle.

    That said, one of my biggest peeves is when an SUV (or any other large vehicle) parks in COMPACT spaces. Being an owner of a compact vehicle, I get pissed off when I return to my car and an SUV is parked not only over the line, but also in a compact spot. With care, I gently slide in on my side, making sure not to reinjure my leg in the process.

    It’s moments like these that I just want to roll down my window, stretch my left hand out while holding a key, and ever so casually scrape the side as I back out. But karmic senses make me just grumble. I guess people just need to be re-educated about rules/laws about the road.

  13. Mr S

    I kinda feel sorry for those that don’t understand some of the simpler to grasp concepts here.. only a little bit, though. Let’s help layout what you fail to grasp:

    That retarded scooter is capable of non-highway speeds (45-55) with acceleration left to perform escape/avoid maneuvers, and highway speeds (65-70, though honestly it lacks reasonable throttle response at those speeds, I wouldn’t do it). It can turn like it’s on rails if it’s rider is competent. It gets around 100 mpg and it an ideal choice for commuting, as the infrastructure in the good ole’ US wasn’t planned well for mass transit. One or two cities have this concept down, but the other 99.87% of US cities have inconvenient and impractical mass transit systems.

    This forces the average person to commute by themselves. One person in one vehicle is selfish and extremely inefficient if it’s a vehicle designed to carry 8+ people and cargo. Even a small import or Hybrid (much more ideal, mind you) is still an inefficient way to transport one person without cargo – fairly typical of the average commuter, no?

    So, with all this crap in the media about “going green” and, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this personally, but gas prices are a little on the high side these days, what really is retarded about a scooter? If it’s the look, well they come in many sizes, shapes and colors. I think I’ve seen them up to 500cc’s (capable of 100mph+). Maybe I misinterpreted your comments and you just think that the orange scooter is retarded? OK, I could let you have that…. but consider this: Would you notice an orange scooter in traffic over something a little more bland or normal colored? I’m fair;y certain that in addition to the “neat-o” factor on Jeff’s scooter (to him at least) there’s also the visibility factor.

    A lot of folks have a lot of minutes or text messages on their cell phone plans and insist on using them non-stop. This spills over to their cars. They divert their attention away from what they’re doing (driving) and their own personal safety, as well as their surroundings to talk about their favorite reality show last night to a person who probably is more interested in what their big toe looks like, but that person has minutes too, so…. it’s cool, right? Point being, a disturbing majority of drivers are paying about 10-25% of their attention span to the process of driving. It’s the reason you get cut off in traffic, yell at someone for slowing down as soon as they get in front of you and running red lights. I’d be willing to bet riding a scooter allows any big toe contemplation or texting your BFF Becky about who got cut on Real Designcutrunwaysurvivor. I’m gonna guess that the retard is probably paying about 90-100% of his attention to his surroundings – he doesn’t have a choice.

    Here’s the real kick in the pants for you – brace yourself – Jeff probably has more fun commuting or running errands that the person driving a 7 mpg Escrapade, whose so bored that they have to give their BFF a 5 second update on what they’re not paying attention to. I’d be willing to bet that he’s smiling right now just thinking about his ride. Those retarded little things are fun. Go test ride one, look at the other side. You’d only be doing yourself a favor. Actually, let’s not do that – you wouldn’t look cool on a scooter.

    You know the weird thing about scooters, though? They can be total jerks. If they wanted to flick you off, they would. If they wanted to scare the hell out of you while you were putting on your lipstick, they’re blare on their horn. Hell, nothing’s really stopping them from just smashing your side mirrors off at the stop light for nearly killing them 2 blocks back. The weird thing is that they generally don’t do these things. They’re in a good mood mostly.

    So that leaves the parking problem. Yes, it’s rather stupid to take up an entire parking space with something the size of the retarded red or orange scooter. What’s stupider still is what would happen if he’d parked on the sidewalk or in an unspecified (read: unsafe or unsecure) area. The very laws that govern your area apply to him to. He’s not willing to risk a ticket or impound, and rightly so. That would be extremely stupid. So he does exactly what the law tells him to do and he looks a little retarded for doing it. But he makes the laws look much worse. Maybe it’ll piss someone off enough to write to their local lawmakers and demand something be done about this menace to parking space efficiency in general. Maybe it will bring awareness to the smarts behind riding a scooter… Maybe it’ll do something else.

    I hope this clears up some of the confusion you’ve had over this issue. I feel for you on the parking situation. It doesn’t make sense… try to change it. Force the scooter guy on the sidewalk (through legislation, touching another person’s bike is grounds for serious beatings, ask some of the old Harley guys who’ve down-sized to a smaller CC bike or even a retarded scooter for their commuting).


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