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Scared of the curb?

Minneapolis, MN

Glanzer says, “I was parking in front of my apartment last night when I noticed the car two spots up from me was parked a good seven or eight feet from the curb, clearly almost a car’s length further out into the street than the car behind it. I think it looked worse in person than the picture indicates, but clearly any car coming down Colfax Ave. last night would have needed to drive well into the middle of the road to get around it.”

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How to deal with bad parkers

Here’s a tip for dealing with bad parkers from

Thanks Jeff (who adds, “be sure to note the mouse over text.”)

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Tattling on the roommate

Columbia, MO

Steph took this of her roommate’s car, and says, “Our parking lot is usually full (when it’s not the Thursday before Spring Break), so this kind of parking job would be considered a big no-no.  Her car is tiny so why does she need two parking spaces?!”

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For Better or For Worse…but Bad Parking?

Somewhere in WI

Sharon says, “I am sooooooooo embarrassed to tell you that this was my HUSBAND’S parking job!  He dropped me off outside a store, then went to park.  When we walked to the truck after shopping I was mortified.  The truck was barely half-way into the space!!  He swears there must have been a car that overparked in front of him.  I think he must have gone temporarily blind.  But I had to snap a couple of pictures before we drove away.”

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First Wal-Mart, now Walgreens

Houston, TX

Lauren says, “This was found in a Walgreens parking lot.  A legitimate vehicle, but illegitimate parking!”

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That’s just unholy

Bethel Park, PA

Jennifer says, “Here’s a set of 2 cars that park poorly every work day.  See how they are on the stripes?  They park there at the end of the row in a triangle of ‘no parking’ stripes.  As you see in the background, there is plenty of space for them to be normal.  This is at a church.”

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A la Wal-Mart

Copperas Cove, TX

Jean says, “As short as this SUV is, it will fit. He/she is just a rude bonehead. Wal-Mart parking lot, of course. I am going to start paying more attention to the fact that I as long as I have my phone, I have a camera. Our Wal-Mart parking lot is always good for these.”

Tip from Jean: try your local Wal-Mart for bad parking photos!


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