Busy day running errands

Hayden, ID

Stephanie says, “I was running in to Rite Aid and noticed this trucked parked in the red zone right in front of the store. It was drizzling rain so maybe they didn’t feel like walking the few extra feet. The driver was still in the car but the engine was off. I took the pic of the back first. Stood behind, focused, snapped the shot. Walked around the FRONT of the SUFV… glared at the idiot driver… stopped inside the lobby of Rite Aid and took the second shot. About then, the just barely 21 beer toting passenger saunters out.

This was taken just down the parking lot from Rite Aid. I guess this guy felt like the law didn’t apply to him since there were a couple people sitting in the back seat. He was parked there for a good 15 minutes. And the truly sad sad thing is… there were legitimate parking spaces just a couple feet away. He thought I was taking pictures of his “awesome” car. I wish I could have taken pics of the anti-government/slightly psycho bumper stickers and flags plastered on the sides of the vehicle.

While driving out of the parking lot of the Prairie Shopping Center (in which Rite Aid and TCBY are located), my hubs and I were flabbergasted that someone parked in the driving lane to go in to Papa Murphy Pizza, order pizza, wait for pizza to be made and bring said pizza out to car. The sprite yet graying man came out of the pizza parlor while I was taking this pic. He was carrying two (2!!) pizzas. Maybe he didn’t think he could make it a few more feet carrying those really heavy large pizzas. Amazingly enough, there were open parking spaces just a few feet away.

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A l’hotel… again

Steubenville, OH

Tim says, “This photo was taken at a hotel. The parking lot was almost completely full.”

(Ugh, winter photos already!)

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You can skate, but you can’t park

Lawrenceville GA

Lil’ Jay says, “The parking lot in front of my boyfriend’s skateshop. For some reason no one can park correctly here. I’ve been hit in this parking lot, while I was parked, and not even in my car! It’s cursed I guess.”

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It’s for charity

Kennesaw, GA

N says, “These are spaces which are raffled off each month. The winners pay $50, which goes to charity, but they don’t have to walk almost a mile uphill from the parking garage. Apparently they also don’t think they have to park within the lines. The one with 2 cars is from May, and the two were parked that way almost every day. The other is from June, so we’ll see how this month progresses.”

(Clearly it took me a few months to post these. Sorry N!)

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A l’hotel

Eria, PA

Jennifer took this at a hotel. “That’s my white work van. I parked properly on purpose to highlight the red car’s carelessness. I hope they had a passenger that needed to get in.”

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Location Unknown

Taken by Rick with no comment.

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Tight squeeze

San Diego, CA

Julie says, “Apparently this person wanted to see how close to the wall they could get! They were successful.”

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