Hanging out

Athens, GA

An anonymous sender explains that this photo was taken in a Kroger parking lot. “The driver has parked over the sidewalk for no apparent reason. Even the vans managed to park without doing that. Does the driver hate people in wheelchairs? Do they want their car to be hit by a cart?”

I think both are valid possible reasons.



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3 responses to “Hanging out

  1. Joe

    It would be funny to see a car on the other side of the sidewalk do this, too. They would block the entire sidewalk, and maybe even ding each other!

  2. RP

    This seems to happen a lot.

    The other problem with pulling in that much is that people looking for parking spaces think that the spot is empty until they try to pull into it since they can’t see the back of the car.

  3. MRH

    OMG! I know this Kroger! It has an awful parking lot that’s ALWAYS full.

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