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Blame it on the brat

Indianapolis, IN

Billy says, “Here’s a real gem. This is at a Kroger. I don’t think they were even trying. I then saw it was an elderly woman with her grandson. She had just told him he wasn’t going to get anymore candy and called him “hard-headed.” Maybe dealing with a bratty kid was the reason she parked so horribly.”

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Three for the price of one

Cleveland, OH

Of these three photos, Phil says…

1. “Taken at the Cleveland Heights/University Heights Library. As you can see, it had snowed in the not-too-distant past, but the lines are as clear as day. This is a very small parking lot, by the way, and it’s not unusual to see people circling and circling looking for a space.  This sure didn’t help.”

2.  “The parking garage at the University Hospital’s outpatient surgery center. Not only did this person shove a 4-door coupe into a “small cars only” section, he or she took two spaces. I hope it wasn’t one of the doctors.”

3.  “At a local grocery store. A giant pickup taking over two spaces, one of which is a handicapped space, despite the fact that the vehicle has neither a handicapped plate nor a hangtag. Also, it has no front plate at all, despite the fact that Ohio requires the display of both front and rear plate.
Seems like parking here has gotten a lot worse.”


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