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Dualing dunces


Jackson, MI

Not only is this car driven by a parking-challenged moron (enough said about that one), but the driver of the van in the background doesn’t seem to understand that you’re supposed to stop before the yellow line. Not on it.

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Double faux pas


Lowell, MI

Look closely. She’s straddling the yellow line AND she’s halfway into the grass. You can see the driver getting back into the car. She’s not even ashamed. Maybe she’s blind.

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Crossing the “line”


Jackson, MI

Technically there’s no line at the end of parking spots, but it’s implied. Back it up buddy.


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Right of center


Jackson, MI

When your van has curtains it’s no longer a vehicle, it’s a home. And we know it’s difficult to park a home. Maybe it’s time to buy a smaller van.

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Welcome to Bad Parking

When things annoy me, I like to document them. Well first I like to complain to anyone who will listen, but then I like to document.

Bad parking annoys me. What is so hard about keeping it between the lines people? Mostly though, bad parking makes me laugh, and so one day I started taking pictures of poor parking jobs. It became a bit of a hobby, and what better to do with a hobby than blog about it?

I’ll be posting pictures of bad parking on a regular basis. As regular as I feel like at least. And soon I’ll be taking submissions as well. So go on, get your camera out and document these idiots.

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