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Giant spaces

Jackson, MI

This car is parked so far forward, it looks like the spaces are made for giants.


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Columbus, OH

Adam has no idea how this happened. He explains, “Another person pulled up while I took this picture, unable to resist taking some himself. None of the employees had any idea how the car ended in such a position, and some said they did not believe it was there when they arrived to work.”


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On the bank

Boise, ID

Becky found this in the parking lot of her work. She says, “Notice how the driver kept thier car within the parking spot but on top of the snowbank! They must have been late to work, and all of the other close spots were already taken.”

Now that’s determined parking.


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Mr. Silver Bug

Santa Barbara, CA

Kjaere says this was taken in a very crowded lot. “My car is the blue one on the right. I had to swing around funny to get in there, and it was stressful with cars everywhere and people trying to get parking spots. So Mr. Silver Bug here, was already annoying me because of their poor parking and then when I got out of the car, I was scared to death by a vicious animal I assume was a dog, who I thought was going to attack me through the cracked window of the Silver Bug. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.”


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So many lines!

Tarentum, PA 

Shannon took this at a Sam’s Club. “This car parked directly in the middle of the white lines. Apparently the driver thought the car was supposed to be parked directly in the center.”

Hey, all those lines! It’s confusing.

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Over the bump


Atlanta, GA

According to Mark, this is the worst parking he’s ever seen.  Taken in a CVS parking lot, he says “the only mitigating factor I think of is that it was a Monday morning.”


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Australian parking


Victoria, Australia

David (in Australia!) says, “After breaking down, I was towed to this carpark. Whilst my car was being unloaded into a spare parking space, this behemoth rocked up and parked right in front of the tow truck which made it a bit difficult for him to get out. The driver came back about 30 minutes later with a bag of DVDs. I guess he was in a real rush to watch Yanni – Live at the Acropolis.”


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The audacity

Jackson, TN

Tracie says, “I saw this one in the parking lot of Target on a Sunday. Here in Jackson, it’s crazy to take up more than one (much less FOUR) parking spaces at one of the city’s biggest stores. After being around victims of tornadoes all day and listening to their stories, this just made me mad for some reason, so I snapped a picture.”

Makes me mad too!


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Making them up


 Location Unknown

Of the first, Andrea says, “Apparently this individual decided that he was going to make his own parking spot, parking lines be damned. The parking lot was not full either.”

Of the second, she says, “The cars on the left are parked correctly in their designated spots. The car on the right is parked pretty darn good with the other cars, however, there are NO parking lines at all to park between BECAUSE IT IS PARKED IN THE DRIVING LANE! There was not that much accummulation of snow and ice on the parking lot with which to confuse designated parking areas. You’d think the stop sign, which is behind the photographer, would be a clue. The semi behind it is even parked in the driving lane!”

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Didn’t quite make it

Location Unknown

Fingel says the worst part about this parking job is that there “was a perfectly good parking spot in front of
the car but it was near impossible to drive into because of the way this jerk had parked.”

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