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Jackson, MI

Not only is it funny that the car is straddling the line—and really how hard is it to get inside the lines when the parking lot is empty?—but also, it’s a Nursecar! Maybe it was an emergency…

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Now accepting submissions

Bad Parking is now open for submissions! There is evidence of bad parking everywhere, so all you need is a camera, one of those little cord thingys, a computer and an email address. Oh, and an internet connection. So that’s a lot of things, but aren’t they all pretty commonplace these days? Sure.

Please send your bad parking photos to bad [dot] parking [at] yahoo [dot] com. You all know how to dechiper that and make into a real email address right? Of course you do.

With your submission, please include:
– a clear photo of a bad parking incident
– the location (city, state, country… something helpful) it was taken
– any descriptions or additional information that may be useful or interesting
– your name or pseudonym
– a link to your website/blog (optional)

If possible, please disguise license plates or other obvious identifiers. If you can’t or don’t know how or just don feel like it, I guess I’ll do it for you.

Submit to Bad Parking!

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In front of the law

Jonesboro, Arkansas

Submitted by Clarissa who says this was taken “in front of a police station, no less. He didn’t get a ticket. Jerk.”

Thanks Clarissa for Bad Parking’s first submission!


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Ya missed a spot

Jackson, MI

I don’t mean to pick on users of the handicap parking spots so often, but there are far too many incidences to pass up. Like this one.


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White Rhino?


Somewhere, MI

Nothing to say except, I repeat, White Rhino?


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Backing it in


Lowell, MI

Just don’t even bother backing in. You obviously suck at it.

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