Moving day?

Athens, GA

An anonymous sender writes that this photo was taken at an apartment. “I can only assume the person was trying to park as close as possible to their apartment so they could unload something big and/or heavy. Otherwise this doesn’t even make sense;  there were empty parking spaces. Once again a driver feels the need to be on the sidewalk.”

We’ll assume the drive was moving a big screen tv. Or something.



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3 responses to “Moving day?

  1. In Athens, you can’t park in any of the parking spots because UGA parking services will give you a big fat ticket.
    But, I do think it’s funny that they not only parked on the sidewalk but that the curb is clearly marked with yellow paint, which means “Don’t Park Here!”
    I don’t miss Athens.
    And, where, in this matchbox car, are they going to put a big screen TV? Surely it was tied to the top.

  2. Actually, they may be European. When I lived in France, people parked like this all the time because the streets are so narrow. I learned pretty quickly not to walk within three feet of the edge of any sidewalk.

  3. anonymous sender

    This was a private apartment complex, not UGA, though I agree that the lack of temporary/visitor’s parking on campus is a problem.

    It’s possible the driver is European; plenty of the students here are from other countries.

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