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Another Cruiser

Radford, Virginia

Mallory says, “Unfortunately, this is one of the MANY occasions that this Cruiser has parked so inconsiderately outside of my apartment. Maybe my roommates and I should drop a hint by leaving a note with this website under her wiper.”

Let us know if you do.


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Half ‘n half

Watchung, NJ

L says, “I put my stuff in my car after I came out of Stop ‘n Shop, and when I went to return my cart to the cart thing, I saw this. It’s half in the back spot, half in the front.”

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English faux pas 2

Manchester, England

John says this was taken at a local railway station. “Two drivers who don’t care about the fact that they are inconveniencing people as they park in the area that is set aside for cars to turn around in.”

Clearly the bright yellow X’s mean nothing.

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English faux pas

Manchester, England

John says, “The man clearly doesn’t care about anybody but himself and demonstrates this through his inconsiderate parking.”


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Flower Power

Grass Valley in Northern CA

Heather says, “These are both from the same parking job, but I had to change my angle due to the sunlight so that you could see what was happening. The white car has full out connected with the gray one in an attempt to squeeze into the remainder of the unmarked curb. But as you can see, 1/2 of the white car is still in the red zone. We couldn’t figure out why, if you are already 50% in a red zone, you wouldn’t just back up 3 more inches so that the owner of the grey car doesn’t get mad at you for hitting them. I saw this and instantly grabbed the camera to capture the double whammy occurring here!”

And why is the white car covered in poorly painted flowers?

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Middle of nowhere

Atwater, CA

Ryan says, “I spotted this car just after arriving to my high school in the morning. It’s not even in a stall. What’s funnier is how it’s blocking the aisle and right next to a speed bump. I wonder if it’s a student’s vehicle. There was nobody in the vehicle and some other people were taking pictures of the mess too.”

This has to be a practical joke. What other excuse is there?


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Eugene, OR

Robin says, “This is what I happened upon this morning at work. The VW on the left is my car – I was so incensed that I parked in the spot next to them perfectly between the lines. Hopefully they get the hint. If not, the note I left should make it clear.”

This is exactly why we hate the backer-inners!

(PS – What does the note say?)


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In the red

San Diego, CA

Jeff says, “While walking to my neighborhood library to return a book, I spotted this (note the red curb). I was pleased to see a violation notice had been put under one of the windshield wipers. Parking at this specific red curb is just asking to be caught in the act because a police station that parking enforcement officers work out of is a neighbor of the apartment complex seen across the street in the photo.”

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Tattle tale

Kansas City, MO

Mikki says, “This is in the parking structure for the Nelson-Atkins Museum. This is actually one of the vehicles in my family’s caravan. I sort of feel guilty for tattling but as I walked up the photo op presented itself and it was too good to miss.  But I’ve obscured the faces, mostly so I don’t get into trouble. Granted we did need the handicapped spot for two people in the van who have difficulty walking (see crutches) but it is pretty crooked. We usually do better.”

It’s okay to tattle Mikki.

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The Berlin Wall

Berlin, Germany

Ange says, “Not technically bad parking, but the line of bricks across the picture represents where the berlin wall was… because I want to park my car over the berlin wall.”

That does seem a little blasphemous.

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