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Radford, VA

Mallory says, “I don’t understand how you get out of your car satisfied with parking the way this person did. How could he/she head into the shopping mall without noticing that there’s half a parking space left to back into or that half the car is still in the aisle?”


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Chinese buffet

Muskegon, MI

Evinrude took this at a local chinese buffet restaurant and says, “My car is the burgundy one. This is what I came out to find after my meal. Is it so hard to back up a few times to straighten out, or are they just too lazy, or is the food so good that they couldn’t wait?”

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I really love this photo

Mitcham Station, Victoria, Australia

SMZ says, “Fail, because he didn’t stay between the white lines.”

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A l’apartment

Location Unknown

Christibob says, “Spotted this at our apartment complex – luckily he wasn’t there long.”

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Hipster dude

Olympia, WA

Matthew says, “The hipster dude at the far left is the driver. When he hopped out of his car, he didn’t look handicapped (except perhaps sartorially). I’m standing in an empty space, so it’s not like he would have had to walk far.”

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Market stop

Dunwoody, GA

From Shannon with no explanation.

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Wetaskwin Ab, Canada

Wayne says, “These photos were taken at the Wetaskwin drill hall this past Saturday. The drill hall contains a school, Ice rink, and a Drill Hall. So you have a variety of different people there. There was also event held by a national medieval recreationist group. The parking lot has two rows of parking stalls with a corridor down the centre of each row, the two yellow lines running down the row mark this. I was walking back into the hall and was looking down the rows and that almost each and every car seemed to be over those lines. I am not sure how bad that is per say but it looked pretty bad. The enclosed pictures are up and down each aisle.”

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