About Bad Parking

When things annoy me, I like to document them. Well first I like to complain to anyone who will listen, but then I like to document.

Bad parking annoys me. What is so hard about keeping it between the lines people? Mostly though, bad parking makes me laugh, and so one day I started taking pictures of poor parking jobs. It became a bit of a hobby, and what better to do with a hobby than blog about it?

I’ll be posting pictures of bad parking on a regular basis. As regular as I feel like at least. And soon I’ll be taking submissions as well. So go on, get your camera out and document these idiots.

14 responses to “About Bad Parking

  1. i like the concept of it ,, parking really affect daily life , one driver park the wrong way can make other 5 persons late for work or whatever they do ..

  2. Dan

    Just discovered your site and I love it!

    We started a similar initiative at work.

    Initially we posted photos on a wall and named it the “Yellow Lined Challenge” since the lines in our parking lot are yellow (we’re very creative). This has now morphed into a Facebook site of the same name – check it out – and thanks again for the afternoon chuckle.


  3. This is going to sound weird but we’re looking for photos of random parking examles. If you have any interest in submitting some of yours to be posted with us as well, let us know at info@parkingspots.com or come to our site at http://www.parkingspots.com and post them. Thanks!

  4. haha Love the site. Will blogroll it for sure.
    If I search hard enough (or not) I reckon I could find a few Aussie shockers when it comes to parking!
    This must be cathartic!!

  5. Steve

    I had issues living downtown and parking my car on dense urban streets. Bad Parking, for me, is when neighbors or strangers parallel park and bump my car bumper…result is a dent or scratch. I discovered CarBuoy (www.carbuoy.com). It provides the cushion to protect my car from negligent divers who park too close.

  6. I too have a deep hatred for bad parkers. Well done.

  7. Alex

    Love the site. My pet peeve has always been people who back in. I have never heard a good reason for doing this. Supposedly backing in to a tiny parking spot is easier than backing into a wide road?

  8. hey i love your page lol i think this one way to take out all my frustation of all the bad drivers that NY has
    but how can i submit my pictures ??

  9. tera

    Just found this website (love it!) and I think you need some of these:

  10. Thanks for your Information,
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  11. Hey

    Good site, I have the site http://www.crap-parking.com which is the WORLDS biggest bad parking site and love to see other people with the hatred of these idiots as I do. Lets all laugh and point at them! ha ha ha ha ha


  12. You have a very good website. I’m looking forward to more of your insights and have bookmarked it for future reference.

  13. Elizabeth

    thank you for this site! and thank you all for links to the other sites! this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine and i have been taking pictures of bad parking for a long time now! i usually post them on my facebook page, but now i have other outlets! yay! 🙂

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