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Busy day running errands

Hayden, ID

Stephanie says, “I was running in to Rite Aid and noticed this trucked parked in the red zone right in front of the store. It was drizzling rain so maybe they didn’t feel like walking the few extra feet. The driver was still in the car but the engine was off. I took the pic of the back first. Stood behind, focused, snapped the shot. Walked around the FRONT of the SUFV… glared at the idiot driver… stopped inside the lobby of Rite Aid and took the second shot. About then, the just barely 21 beer toting passenger saunters out.

This was taken just down the parking lot from Rite Aid. I guess this guy felt like the law didn’t apply to him since there were a couple people sitting in the back seat. He was parked there for a good 15 minutes. And the truly sad sad thing is… there were legitimate parking spaces just a couple feet away. He thought I was taking pictures of his “awesome” car. I wish I could have taken pics of the anti-government/slightly psycho bumper stickers and flags plastered on the sides of the vehicle.

While driving out of the parking lot of the Prairie Shopping Center (in which Rite Aid and TCBY are located), my hubs and I were flabbergasted that someone parked in the driving lane to go in to Papa Murphy Pizza, order pizza, wait for pizza to be made and bring said pizza out to car. The sprite yet graying man came out of the pizza parlor while I was taking this pic. He was carrying two (2!!) pizzas. Maybe he didn’t think he could make it a few more feet carrying those really heavy large pizzas. Amazingly enough, there were open parking spaces just a few feet away.

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Location Unknown

Taken by Rick with no comment.

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Ho hum

Virginia Beach, VA

Tina says, “I just found your blog from a link on the vanity plates site, and immediately thought of this picture that I took last month in the parking lot of a Silver Diner, of a Hummer taking up two parking spaces labeled “Compact Cars Only.” When I posted it to Twitter, my description read, “This picture should be in the dictionary next to the definition of ‘asshole.'” That about sums it up. (And no, the lot was not completely full. But heaven forbid this driver might have to walk a few extra feet to get to the diner!).”

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Three for the price of one

Cleveland, OH

Of these three photos, Phil says…

1. “Taken at the Cleveland Heights/University Heights Library. As you can see, it had snowed in the not-too-distant past, but the lines are as clear as day. This is a very small parking lot, by the way, and it’s not unusual to see people circling and circling looking for a space.  This sure didn’t help.”

2.  “The parking garage at the University Hospital’s outpatient surgery center. Not only did this person shove a 4-door coupe into a “small cars only” section, he or she took two spaces. I hope it wasn’t one of the doctors.”

3.  “At a local grocery store. A giant pickup taking over two spaces, one of which is a handicapped space, despite the fact that the vehicle has neither a handicapped plate nor a hangtag. Also, it has no front plate at all, despite the fact that Ohio requires the display of both front and rear plate.
Seems like parking here has gotten a lot worse.”


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Lights are on, but no one’s home…


Milton-Freewater, OR

Larisa says, “Although the car’s lights are on, there was no one in the car and it sat there for several minutes. The lines do go the opposite of the offender’s SUV.”

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Oldie but goodie

Bowie, MD

Domenic says, “This was taken three days before Christmas a few years ago, but the offense still stands.  The parking lot was insanely full and this guy decides to take up four spaces!”

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Funky 8


Louisville, KY

Last ones from Funkychick17 who says these were take at “my kid’s school in the parking area for teachers.”

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Funky 1

Louisville, KY

These are the first of many from funkychick17. She took them at a small local university.

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No triple rows

Indianapolis, IN

It’s a little difficult to see at first, but look closely and read the description.

Andrea says, “This was taken in the parking lot of a cinema. The white SUV is mine and is parked within the white lines of the space. The car at the right is in the space, but pulled forward into the space next to mine. We have no idea what the red SUV [in the foreground] was thinking! There are no lines where she stopped and last I checked, not very many parking lots are triple rows!”

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Speaks for itself

Hampton, VA

Ryan says, “The picture speaks for itself.”


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