What’s up with the red car?

New Ash Green

Tobiwan says, “Another classic New Ash Green moment. I’ve seen this one so many times and not had my camera, but this time I did. The black car can be excused, it’s quite a narrow road. But what is the deal with the red car?”



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3 responses to “What’s up with the red car?

  1. The “red” car driver is pissed because they have to drive a fuschia car, and he/she is taking it out on the parking spot.

  2. Geno

    So, can anyone explain the lines on the pavement – I might be forced to park badly with these stripes. Or is this even supposed to be a parking area? Also, where in the world is “New Ash Green”? (Like we’re all supposed to know!)

  3. El

    New Ash Green is a UK village about 20 miles SE of London. Do you mean the lines on the road? They’re just lines to show that it’s a T-junction. So it’s not really a matter of how to park – there shouldn’t be any parking there at all because it’s a junction onto a main road.

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