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Atop the great divide

Salem, OR

Jenna says, “These photos were taken in the car park at Winco.  When I swung by after work one day to pick up some things, some nimrod had parked his ridiculously huge truck in this position.  As you can see, its wheels are straddling the divider between the driveway and rows of parking stalls.”


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Call for submissions

It’s that time again – our well of submitted photos has dried up. We’re calling on you faithful (and new) Bad Parking visitors to restock our supply.

Grab that camera and start showing us the bad parking of the world! Whether it’s truly atrocious parking or just something amusing, we want to see it.

Submit your photos to bad [dot] parking [at] yahoo [dot] com. Include the location of the parking incident and some sort of explanation or comment.

Thank you!

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Sailboat-sized space

Location Unknown

Alistaire says, “This parking job is not over the top, but bad due to context.  This clown was possibly the first car in the deck this morning around seven, driving a compact car, gets an angled spot, and still ends up all over the striped lines.  Six hours later it is still there.  You could fit a sailboat in the space between those two cars.”

Next time you should try the sailboat experiment and send pictures!

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We were due for an awesome backin

Long Island, NY

The Grammarphile says, “I admit it–I’m pretty crappy at parking sometimes.  And I know one thing I cannot do is back into a parking space decently so that I actually stay between the lines.  And because of this, I simply don’t back into parking spaces.  I don’t want to look like a jackass.  This guy apparently has no qualms about looking like a jackass, though.  What really kills me is that I don’t think this person was just rotten at backing into a space.  He’s SO centered in between the two spaces that it looks like he deliberately did it this way to protect his car.  Jackass, indeed.”


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Parking for Panera

Kalamazoo, MI

Tatman says, “I watched this guy pull up and park this way.  It was absolutely unnecessary.”

We’ll have to assume that’s sarcasm.


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Indianapolis, IN

Andrea says, “This guy was pulling into the space as I was walking to my car. He was backing up, poorly. When he got out of his SUV, I pointed out he was not entirely in the space and he said, ‘I have trouble backing into parking spots’ AND WALKED AWAY.  If you can’t park in the spot in reverse, don’t do it!!! See how much space he left? Guess where I put my shopping cart?”

Love that you confronted him Andrea!

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Stopping for a chat

Deer Park, NY

The Grammarphile says, “Even if the guy leaning in the window to chat with the driver of the smaller car is the owner of the badly-parked, big-ass SUV, there’s no excuse…that SUV was parked there like that for quite some time!”


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Who does that?

Syracuse, NY

GirardiParty says too this in a pricey paid lot on the campus of Syracuse University. “This guy took three whole spaces! In a paid lot with limited space! But I shouldn’t get too mad. Maybe he actually paid triple the hourly fee upon leaving the lot. (Right…)”


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A holy mess

Carpinteria, CA

Kjaere says, “This is in the parking lot at my church. We already have major parking issues… this sure wasn’t helping things. I mean really? What were they all thinking? I wonder who started it all.”


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In the bushes

 Portland, OR

Jared took this picture of a parking job in which the driver clearly thinks the curb (complete with landscaping) is a perfectly acceptable place to park.

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