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Leaving ample room

Wilmington, DE

Always Looking in Delaware says, “This particular spot always seems to have a bad parking. Most of the time they are just really close to the lines. As you can tell here, they just decided they wanted to make as much room as possible on all sides.”

This one may be excusable depending on the circumstances, but it still looks funny.


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Three for four

Broomfield, CO

Dana says, “This is in an apartment complex, there are four spots in the photo. They are all a bit on the small side. As you can see, the three spots on the left are being occupied by TWO SMALL CARS. These spots have frequent bad parkers, but it’s usually a large van or oversized truck of some sort.  But I find it interesting that someone thought a Yaris needed two spaces! Seriously? Because in some lots, you can park two of those in one spot. You can see though, on the far right – the spaces are big enough for the smaller cars.”

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Wide open spaces

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Rick took this at the Hilton Ponce Golf and Casino Resort, saying simply, “Aparently not enough parking spaces…”

Oh the sarcasm is dripping!

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Late night shopper

Cincinnati, OH

Harrellj took these at a Kroger parking lot after midnight. “The driver pulled in right as I was leaving the store and looked very much like he was in a hurry. I purposely kept fussing with my groceries to make sure he was inside the store prior to taking these pictures.”


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He still thinks he matters

Bethesda, MD

David says, “You can see that the car is parked in a fire lane right in front of the smoothie king front door. The car belongs to a very well known ex-redskins player who parked like this all of the time. I actually confronted him on two occasions much to the amusement of the friends I was with. There are numerous available parking spaces just out of the picture.”

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Eager voter

Location Unknown

Elizabeth says, “Taken at the place I went to complete my early voting. They must have really been in a hurry to cast their ballot!”

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Southern Iowa

Mrs. JB says, “So I live in rural town southern Iowa, and while I was dropping my son off at school, I watched a man first try to parallel park this minivan and trailer – and I had a good chuckle. Then I watched him pull into an empty two spaces ahead of the vehicle in front of the parallel spot. And the part I found the funniest? Ten minutes of maneuvering lead to a driver’s satisfied look upon completion – and this.”


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