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Hydrant hover

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Sean says, “Never mind blocking the fire hydrant, try parking on top of it! I never did find out the whole story, unfortunately.”



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So close!


Bowie, MD

Domenci says, “The car on the right was parked like that when I pulled in next to her. There was plenty of room left in the space, so why let it be lost to that ignoramus? It was quite humorous watching her climb in from the passenger side. I think I could have gotten a little closer, though.”


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La Jolla Shores, CA

Morgan says, “It was from Alaska. Those damn tourists.”

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Stop and Shop

Seymour, CT

Leonard took this on Superbowl day at a terribly busy Stop and Shop. “This guy in a Dodge 4×4 truck with a Cummins Diesel apparently needed to take up 3 parking spaces. The front of his truck protruded into the spaces in front of him not seen in this photo. Just to give an idea of how busy this store was, people were parking on the side streets and walking to the store. The street was lined with vehicles. Good job!”

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Four real?


Gurnee, IL

ST says, “Notice the two seagulls on the far right hand side of the frame. Even they’re sharing a laugh over this idiot. The parking lot was almost empty in front of Office Max (who shops there anymore?). And yet, this yahoo felt it necessary to take up four spots with his Escalade pickup truck. Anyone want to take bets on (1) the number of times he’s driven on something other than pavement and/or (2) the number of times he’s used the bed of his “pickup truck” to carry anything at all?”


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Lights are on, but no one’s home…


Milton-Freewater, OR

Larisa says, “Although the car’s lights are on, there was no one in the car and it sat there for several minutes. The lines do go the opposite of the offender’s SUV.”

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Harsh note

Germantown, MD

Jay says, “It’s not like he even tried to fit in one spot. I left him a note under his windshield that said ‘nice parking job a-hole. The whole world will see you are an idiot as I’m going to submit a picture of this to a website dedicated to morons like you.’ It was crowded. I had to drive around twice to find a parking spot.

I went inside to eat and make sure that nobody inside the restaurant 1) was handicapped in case they had no choice but to park there if the other handicap spot was taken and 2) didn’t look like they could kill me if they caught me putting the note under their windshield. Neither was the case.”

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