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  1. Issa

    Great blog, very entertaining. When will you open for submissions?

  2. I love this blog. And I’m so glad someone is finally taking this opportunity to show off this ridiculousness. I see this stuff all the time and it makes me crazy! If we could just get through to ONE person, it will be worth it…

    By the way, I carry my camera at all times. I’m certain I will have submissions in no time. Thanks for the fine work!

  3. soxfan17881

    Excellent idea!

  4. Jonesy

    You should also have a category for illegally/selfishly parked cars…

    I hope it’s not just me, but when a healthy person parks in a handicapped spot for their own convenience it bothers me to know end. I’ve pointed out to people if I catch them in the act, and most didn’t realize it and move. That’s cool. But the pricks and bitches who don’t care, tell you to f-off and park there anyways, well they need to be smeared badly for their taking advantage of handicapped and elderly people.

    Thanks, LoL

    /end o’ rant

  5. Kaylyn

    I love this website and I have something to add. I couldn’ t take a picture of this offense, but need somewhere to vent about it and feel this is the right place. I was going grocery shopping with my mom last night and a car near the front door had its reverse lights on. So I excitedly put on my blinker and waited paitently for the car to back out so I could take my prize winning spot. As soon as I took my foot off the brake to pull forward some giant truck pulled into my spot from the other side! These are one way parking lots. He got out of his truck and saw me staring open mouthed at my stolen spot…and had the nerve to smile at me! I was so outraged. But I did nothing. my mom offered to key his truck for me. How sweet of her.
    Anyway, this site is fantastic. Keep up the great work!

  6. JB

    Love the site. I can’t stand people who can’t park. Is there an RSS feed for this site?

  7. NK

    I’d like to see some photos of what may be an Indianapolis anomaly.

    I continually see cars parked ACROSS several parking spaces. (i.e., if the spaces are marked so that you should park north and south, these cars are parked east and west.) This is always one of three things: people who have just come out of Starbucks (or other food establishment), are on the phone, or are waiting for a passenger to come out of a store. (Sometimes it’s all three!)

    These people are essentially saying: “I’m not REALLY parked here. I’m just drinking my coffee (making a phone call) (waiting for my wife), so I don’t have to park within the marked lines.”

    Do people in other cities do this, too?

  8. Ana

    Saw this, thought of you all.

  9. Mark

    Already having been a reader and occasional contributor to PlateWire; after reading the May 1st Slate article “Honk If You’re Going To Report This on the Internet,” I was curious about the content of a ‘Bad Parking’ site and clicked the link. Wow. Upon reviewing the past year of posts, it’s laughable that so many people really need to get a grip – or a life. While the site could serve a useful purpose for reporting disabled-reserved violations, crowded lot transgressions or on-the-curb failures; the following half-dozen (and not a complete list) posts reflect the ‘idiotness’ of the contributor, and not the car-parker:
    • …/2008/11/25/late-night-shopper/
    • …/2008/10/27/is-that-a-van-or-an-suv/
    • …/2008/08/22/quick-stop/
    • …/2008/06/04/park-here/
    • …/2008/05/30/jersey-cont/

    I’d encourage that some proofing be done to avoid posts like these – otherwise the integrity of the site just becomes silly. Off to add commentary to the ridiculousness above…

  10. as it’s easier for me to use Twitter when I’m out and about I’ve started using the #badparking tag on photos I upload from my phone… would be good to spread the word 🙂

  11. Charlotte

    OMG i LOVE this site!! my biggest pet peeves are stupid drivers and stupid parkers! i totally need to start carrying my camera around.

  12. Charlotte

    re: Mark’s comments…”Upon reviewing the past year of posts, it’s laughable that so many people really need to get a grip – or a life…posts reflect the ‘idiotness’ of the contributor”…ummm Mark, what seems funny to me is that after saying that you would take the time to make comments on the individual posts…apparently you don’t have better things to spend your time on than pointing out the “idiotness”? just sayin…

  13. Sheri

    I am a auto-enthusiast girl who can park a 19′ hearse inside the lines when I visit a home improvement store. An inflated pickup sans hitch/mud/wheel locks is generally driven by people who can’t get it in.

    To the dudes fishtailing around an open parking lot to wow the ladies…knock it off. You’re not a cherry, you’re a lima bean. By the way, stop telling me that GM didn’t make a 368. I flick my Quadrajet at you.

  14. slycapital

    Not all bad parking goes unpunished. I drove a five ton truck for years when I was young.
    On one lunch break I parked on a commercial street and when I got back there were two cars that were literally bumper to bumper with my truck – both front and back. I waited ten minutes to see if one of the drivers had temporarily lost their minds and would come back. No luck.
    Having a job to do and needing to get back to work I simply moved both cars. A five ton truck can move a car very easily!

  15. This is an interesting blog. When I was young, in my 20’s, I used to tutor. Once I overheard a man scolding his wife and he said something to the effect of, “If you’re going to park my car, make sure you take up TWO parking places so that nobody can park next to it. I don’t want anyone scratching the paint when they open their door.” I was thinking that someone would probably key it out of anger, but I kept my mouth shut. She was apparently afraid of him and so was I. I still get angry when I think of it.

  16. I love your blog. Wonderful examples of bad parking.

    You should update your blogroll though; many of the blogs have not posted in a year or more.

  17. Paige

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love this site. I drive a 12-passenger van and I am able to park between the lines…every time…even when backing in. I know, crazy, right?! Whenever I see someone parked really badly in another big vehicle, I usually say, “If you can’t park it, don’t drive it.”

  18. Jen

    Are you ever coming back?

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