Not the owner

Kalamazoo, MI

Tatman says, “I finally had my camera ready to submit this Mustang that I see a lot. This guy was parked in front of a local building supply that I frequent a lot. He is there quite often, but from the way he’s always parked, he must think he owns the place.”

He adds, “I love seeing all of the imbeciles out there with no clue on how to perform a simple task of parking your vehicle.  Thanks for the laughs.”

Hey you’re welcome man!



Filed under car, parking

2 responses to “Not the owner

  1. Tatman

    This guy actually does own the place. Still, I would be a little more considerate for my customers.

  2. RP

    As the owner, you’d think they’d be even more concerned about whether their customers have room to park.

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