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In the shade

El Cajon, CA, USA

BMFBuddha says, “At the mall on a busy weekend. I guess they didnt want to share the shade.”

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Big rear end

West Chester, PA

Scratch says,”Ahh, yes, the pickups with the giant rear ends which may correlate to how big an ass the driver is.”

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Repeat offender

Location Unknown

Anonymous says, “Picking up my child at school these asshats park in the non parking area of the parking lot. It is the same offenders every day. This one is particularly bad as the parking spot next to this person is empty.”

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Dumpster blocker

Prince George, BC, Canada

Jon says, “Found this at the local Burger King. Not only not in a parking spot, but blocking the dumpsters too.”

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Not so compact

Shreveport, LA

Lisa says, “Apparently the owner of this Mustang figured since he couldn’t fit in 1 compact spot, he would take up 2. The chain of stupid this started was way too long to be captured in 1 picture. Not too far down the row was a Dually whose owner also decided it would be a good idea to take up 2 spaces, although I guess he didn’t think there was anything wrong with that since he actually FILLED both compact spaces.”

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Cough cough hack hack

The Bad Parking crew has been down with illness. We should be back to regular posting really soon, so keep those bad parking photos coming!

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A la Lowe’s

Ann Arbor, MI

Hans says, “I was at a Lowe’s getting some garden stuff, and when I came out I was blocked in to my spot by the red Mustang in the picture.  Clearly he was in a hurry to get his grill 60% off or … something.”

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