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What you’re up against


Houston, Texas

In case you can’t tell what’s going on here, the light-colored van is parked directly behind another vehicle. In an empty parking garage. According to the photographer, this was taken at 2 a.m., so my guess is that the garage was not empty earlier in the night when the parking took place.

I hope the two drivers knew each other!

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Seeing spots

Grand Rapids, MI


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Damage is done?


South Elgin, IL

Tuesday found this ridiculous example of bad parking at the Red Robin where she works. She and her friend left a pretty nasty note which I won’t repeat for fear of delicate ears, but it did include the statement, “I did some damage to your car. Find it.” She claims they didn’t really damage the car though.

Should we believe her? (Thanks Tuesday!)


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Pull an all-nighter


Detroit, MI

Brad found this car parked this way outside of a hotel. The lot was full, but apparently this guy needed two spots anyway. Brad says the car lights aren’t on, it’s just the camera flash, so it’s pretty clear this car was settled in for the night.

I guess the driver thought the car needed five-star accomodations.

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Leave a note


Irvine, CA

With permission, I took this photo from Here’s the story:

“I went to…an outdoor mall and was delighted to be able to park in the brand new parking structure. It is a great addition to the [mall] because of the parking problem it once had. The parking structure is very advanced and will tell you, via digital displays, how many spots are available on each floor.

This day the structure was full, well most floors said full, this particular floor showed 5 spaces left. Upon driving around looking for the scarce 5, I found this vehicle parked in two spaces. I decided to try to teach this person a lesson.”

Read his note above. He claims he didn’t really try to park there, but it’s a good lesson nonetheless.


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Still running

Grand Rapids, MI

At first glance this doesn’t appear to be bad parking. Until you hear the story.

“This guy left his unattended car RUNNING in the parking lot for 20+ minutes while he went in and did his shopping. I know this because I passed by it on my way in to shop myself, and he was nowhere to be found and the car was running. Just idling along. Then, after I shopped myself for more than a good 20 minutes, I came out, got in my car, and proceeded to drive by to take a picture of the car as a visual aide for this story. Well, he was just then coming out! I thought for sure someone had left it running on accident or something, but he seemed perfectly calm like that was his plan the entire time. Very bizarre.”


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Do it with flair


San Diego, CA 

Jeff calls this a “fine example of bad street parking,” and asks, “They couldn’t get just a little closer to the curb?”

Maybe we should cut the driver a little slack since they parked this RV with such flair.


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Passive aggressive

Bellevue, WA

Strawberry78 even made us a visual guide to tell her story! 

“My dad is disabled, and we would have liked to park in the spot on the right of the picture as it has room for a wheelchair ramp. However, this soccer mom [editor’s note: we have no proof she is in fact a soccer mom] decided to not only park in a handicapped spot without a permit, but take up the space next to it as well. Apparently backing in isn’t one of her better skills. We called mall security (ooh… scary, right?), left the most passive-aggressive note ever (even put it in a plastic bag since it was raining), then hid in the mall and watched as [she] came back to her car while dragging a kid and countless shopping bags with her. Our note didn’t seem to faze her, so since she has a recognizable vanity plate, the next time this happens we’ll call the police.”

Scary indeed.


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On the curb


Chantilly, VA

Karin’s three year old son pointed out that this car was on the grass. It’s kind of hard to tell, but that tire is definitely on the curb. Good eye boy!

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To the right

Jackson, TN

This is your classic case of not comprehending the lines. Must be a Jeep thing that we wouldn’t understand. Sorry, had to. Tracie says she “finally spotted a bad parking job to submit” to this site. I’m glad you’re all out there looking!

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