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A bad name

Hiram, GA

Linz took this at Martin’s Restaurant. She says, “Martin’s is extremely crowded at breakfast (they serve GOOD biscuits), and this asshole was pretty much preventing people from parking in either spot to the sides of him (because of the angles). He gives Harley owners a bad name. He should not be allowed to put that tag on his truck.  He is probably a wanna be. No real Harley owner would park so poorly.”


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A leg up

Fresno, CA

Charlene says, “This photo was taken at some apartments at Fresno State. To save money, people park across the street, then they will just jaywalk across the usually busy street instead of paying $68 for an on-campus parking pass. Bad parking is inevitable here, but this was the first time I came across somebody who left just one of their tires on the curb. Maybe it’s the fact that it was during finals week and they were in a hurry? It’s not so much an annoyance to me since the driver parked close to the curb, it just makes me wonder why anybody would ever leave their car like that!”

This is a good opportunity to point out that bad parking doesn’t have to be annoying or even an inconvenience. It’s okay if it’s just funny or if it’s minor. Bad parking is bad parking!


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Truck v. Scooter

Hingham, MA

Jeff says, “After watching this guy pull into/onto his spot I have realized that Brodie is only half right. People in cars and trucks and regular four-wheel vehicles DO actually feel as if they have a right to the unused portion of the motorcycle’s or scooter’s space. Why in the world would this donkey park like this? If there had been a car in the spot there’s no way he could have slanted his way into the approximate parking spot/region without damaging his fine vehicle. Or is that just something that goes with the territory for bad parkers?”

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Backin disgrace!

San Diego, CA

Mar says, “This cruiser seems to think that it needed 3 spaces (well… 2, but if you were to park where its nose is, it’d be up a creek without a paddle), and it would have had to have BACKED INTO that space. It couldn’t have come from that direction. I’d say ‘how lazy is that?’ but obviously this was a considered decision to park that way. Thanks for taking up all three of the closest spaces to that sushi restaurant.”


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Total disregard

Crystal Lake, IL

Adam says, “I saw this out on a walk this evening.  This guy isn’t even trying.  The best part?  The sign pictured was directly in front of his truck.”


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Quick stop

Fox River Grove, IL

Adam says, “I saw this at my local grocery store today while picking up some breakfast. I see this kind of crap every day here. People are in such a hurry to get in and out that they just park however they want. At least this guy is better than the self-absorbed troglodytes who leave their BMWs or Mercedes idling in the fire lane while they run into the in-store Starbucks for their triple-latte-no-fat-super-mocha-cream enema. I’ll get a photo of that one of these days.”


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Barrington, IL

Adam says, “This is the owner of the company the occupies the office above me. He’s a short little guy with an apparent Napoleon complex. He parks just barely over the line almost every single day. I parked about two inches from his car one day, but my boss made me move my car before he got to see it, because he didn’t want to cause problems with him.”

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Dark parking

Highlands, NC

Pecabo says, “This car actually belongs to a friend who parked it outside a condo. I wouldn’t let him leave until I captured it for the Bad Parking blog!”


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Cruisin’ for a bruisin’

Colorado Springs, CO

Rolland says, “This was obviously a woman (we saw the driver – I am not making any women parking jokes) who did not want anyone to scratch her new crusier. When I see this kind of parking in the parking lot, it is all I can do to not park right beside them at the same angle, just to irritate them.”


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Good scooter, bad scooter

Hingham, MA

Jeff says, “Don’t want to saturate the scooter parking police, but here is a before and after of parking because of the way the rest of the world views scooters. First photo, plenty of room. Scooter parked legally. Old car getting older. Second photo, scooter still legal. Old car still old. New car OVER THE LINE because the driver felt he could infringe on Scootle’s space. The horror!”


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