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Kevin’s mini-series, part II

Northern Virginia

Kevin sent in several bad parking photos at once. These are the second two.


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Kevin’s mini-series, part I

Northern Virginia

Kevin sent in several bad parking photos at once. These are the first two.

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A-hole and D-bag. Wow.

Frederick , MD

David says, “This A-hole tried to take up 4 spots all for himself.  I foiled his plan and managed to squeeze into the spot on the lower right.  There were plenty of available spaces as you can see from the photo, but I couldn’t resist capturing this D-bag on camera for the entire world to see.”

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The forward pull-in: learn it, use it

Greenville, NC

Brn says, “Saw this guy actually parking at the East Carolina University library.  He and his buddies got out, looked at how far out in the road they were and just walked off.”


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Yur Doin It Wrong

Lethbridge, AB, Canada

Jon says, “Found this outside work one day, evidently I was not the only one to have noticed the driver managed to park the wrong way in an angle parking stall. The parking lot is one way so this leads me to believe they also drove the wrong way around the parking lot to get into this position.”


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Back to school

Leesburg, VA

Budgyrl says, “This particular bad parker is at the outlet mall. This is the busiest shopping center in Loudoun county, especially the weekend before Labor day since school starts the day after. This was Saturday late afternoon around 3. Parking was impossible and yet this jerk decided to take up two spots anyway. It did give me opportunity to introduce my son to your site though, so something good did come of it.”

Welcome Budgyrl’s son!

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Truck stop violator

Holbrook, AZ

Robin says, “This bad parking incident occured at a truck stop on 1-40. I find this action inexcuseable for 2 reasons: a) They just repainted the lines last week, making them perfectly clear, and b) it is at a truck stop with acres of unlined pavement, if you want to park like an idiot go do it far away from the rest of us.”

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Revving our engines

Sorry for the slow down lately – technical problems. We’re getting back on the horse real soon.

In the meantime, keep sending your bad parking photos to bad [dot] parking [at] yahoo [dot] com. Even if you don’t see your photo posted right away, we use 99% of photos submitted, so you’ll see it eventually.

Thanks for sticking around – we promise to get you your Bad Parking fix again soon!

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Michigan City, IN

Melissa says, “I took the first photo of the Prius when I was going into the grocery store. The second photo is from when I came out a few minutes later. I guess in addition to not being able to park their car in the lines, they can’t park their cart in the corral only a few feet away.”

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Hotel Maryland

Ocean City, MD

Jennifer says, “This is outside our hotel where parking is scarce. He’s almost blocking in the car with bumper stickers, which is blocking the drive-through part. It’s a mess here!”

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