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All kinds of issues

Hartford, CT

Alexa says, “I’m lucky I drive a small car because the Inifini was taking up a good chunk of my space. I still had to park right on the line, so I guess I count as a bad parking job too. I included the car on the left because, even though you can’t really see it well, it’s actually parked at an angle in a space that is straight on. And you can barely see another car parked on the stripes next to it. The rest of the lot was a disaster.”

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Curse of the big truck

Maumee, OH

Jason adds to the Big Trucks Can’t Park pool. He says, “Don’t get a big truck if you don’t know how to park it.”


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Straight up


Alexandria, VA

Char says, “Here a few different shots of the worst parking job I personally have ever seen. The parking lot is obviously a diagonal parking lot, but this genius pulled in straight…blocking off two parking spots in a limited parking lot. I was floored.”


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Failure to inspect

Los Angeles, CA

Craig says, “The person is not looking at the bad backing job, and did did not change to fit in-between the lines. She is retrieving stuff from the back seat.”

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Los Angeles, CA

Craig says, “This part of town and this mall are notorious for entitled attitudes which is not limited to drivers and parkers. This is a perfect photo to prove it. When I came back to my car this driver was was chatting by the huge space left by her driver’s door.”

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A lesson learned

Austin, TX

Andrew says, “This was my awesome response to a consistently awful parking job by one of the managers where I used to work. She had this huge fancy SUV, which was usually parked in the compact car area across 2 spaces. This was at a time when the company was paying a parking service to double-park cars to fit more cars into the lot. Since I think I am one of the best backer-inners, I squeezed into this spot literally inches away. You can see I am within my line and it’s passenger door-to-passenger door, so she could still get into her car… (I’m not a COMPLETE jerk!)

One of my coworkers found this so amusing, he took a picture and passed it around over e-mail. The owner of the car got a copy, at which point she e-mailed everybody stating that she had asked for MY CAR to be towed! After she found out it was me, she said that there would be a good chance she’d take off my mirror getting out of her space! At that point, since she was a manager, I had my fun for the day, and there were now other open spots in the lot, I moved my car… that was the last day I ever saw her park across 2 spaces ever again.”

Nice work Andrew!


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Seen from McDonald’s

Location Unknown

Mike says, “This was at the opposite end of Mc Donalds drive thru.”

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