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Poor red Volvo

Kent, WA

Holly says, “I feel sorry for the guy who drives the red Volvo. Most people park on/over the line next to him!”

Don’t feel too bad. He has headlight wipers, he must be doing all right.


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Tight squeeze

Location Unknown

Chris did not offer any explanation, but clearly we can see that no car is going to be able to drive behind this dude. So boo on him.

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Whipper snapper

Winslow, AZ

Robin says, “I watched this lady whip through the parking lot and then park taking up 4 spots! She then got out and walked into the store as if nothing was wrong. As soon as she was out of sight I had to take this picture.”

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Rodeo Dr.

Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth says, “Saw this one just off of Rodeo Drive. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but almost half of the car is in the red ‘no parking’ zone. It’s also several feet from the curb and was parked in the 3-minute parking area for at least the hour that we were away from our nearby (legally parked) car.”

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Double take

South Carolina

Dana says, “I took this photo at the local K-Mart. I didn’t notice there were two bad parking jobs until I took the picture though! So there you go, a two for one!

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San Francisco, CA

Michael says, “Apparently this a**hole d-bag land rover driver couldn’t be bothered to repark in a VERY busy Safeway parking lot. Ugh!”

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Tampa, FL

Josh says, “I caught this Accord (badly) parked between two handicapped spaces in the parking lot of a community college. Judging by how far over and crooked the green Neon is, the red Accord pulled in first. Not sure if the driver just seriously misjudged the turn in and was too lazy to correct it or what. FWIW, there was an empty space just out of frame if they had just pulled in.”

If those are the drivers, they really don’t seem all that concerned about their poor parking.


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