We were due for an awesome backin

Long Island, NY

The Grammarphile says, “I admit it–I’m pretty crappy at parking sometimes.  And I know one thing I cannot do is back into a parking space decently so that I actually stay between the lines.  And because of this, I simply don’t back into parking spaces.  I don’t want to look like a jackass.  This guy apparently has no qualms about looking like a jackass, though.  What really kills me is that I don’t think this person was just rotten at backing into a space.  He’s SO centered in between the two spaces that it looks like he deliberately did it this way to protect his car.  Jackass, indeed.”



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3 responses to “We were due for an awesome backin

  1. Joe

    That spot’s so wide, I can’t even see the other line. And he still screws it up!

  2. This, on the heels of my watching a co-worker make 3 attempts to back into a parking space this morning.

    If you have to do it more than once, it takes the purpose out of backing in. Just go in frontwards and get it over with. Don’t expose your horrible driving habits to the world.

  3. Joe

    Some people can’t even get forward parking right. Last night I heard a noise followed by a car alarm outside my apartment. Some woman was trying to pull into a spot forwards, thought she wouldn’t make it, backed straight out for another try, and hit a car on the other side of the aisle at more than an idle speed. I watched as she kept trying, then hit the same car the same way a second time, at a speed between 5 and 10 mph. I went out to “take out some trash” — and make sure someone held her responsible — and several people, including the owner of the victim car, were out there guiding her into another spot.

    Can we PLEASE take her license away? Maybe next week, she’ll do it to MY car.

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