Stopping for a chat

Deer Park, NY

The Grammarphile says, “Even if the guy leaning in the window to chat with the driver of the smaller car is the owner of the badly-parked, big-ass SUV, there’s no excuse…that SUV was parked there like that for quite some time!”



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4 responses to “Stopping for a chat

  1. sitboaf

    Umm… that would be a truck.
    Stick to grammar, Grammarphile.

  2. This is why I’m the Grammarphile and not the Autophile. 😉

  3. sotied

    Who put the Vaseline on the camera lens? How about BadParkingPhoto.

    Back to the issue at hand. Yes, it’s a truck with a cap, but was it running or really parked? Also, was the second car parked or running.

    I contend that you can park badly and remain in the vehicle. Which means you’re still an idiot, but just dumb for remaining where everyone can see who exactly is the parking moron.


  4. Dan H.

    Honestly, it is your typical Long Island parking job. Long Islanders tend to be so inconsiderate and think of nobody but themselves.

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