Sailboat-sized space

Location Unknown

Alistaire says, “This parking job is not over the top, but bad due to context.  This clown was possibly the first car in the deck this morning around seven, driving a compact car, gets an angled spot, and still ends up all over the striped lines.  Six hours later it is still there.  You could fit a sailboat in the space between those two cars.”

Next time you should try the sailboat experiment and send pictures!


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One response to “Sailboat-sized space

  1. J

    How is this bad parking? Maybe he parked like that because he didnt want inconsiderate people dinging up his door. Look how much space he gave the van next to him and still the van\’s tires are crossing the lines. He isnt violating anyones space. Just preventing door dings from people who park inches from you and throw their doors open.

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