Atop the great divide

Salem, OR

Jenna says, “These photos were taken in the car park at Winco.  When I swung by after work one day to pick up some things, some nimrod had parked his ridiculously huge truck in this position.  As you can see, its wheels are straddling the divider between the driveway and rows of parking stalls.”



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6 responses to “Atop the great divide

  1. sitboaf

    Also, what’s Winco?

  2. AB

    What excellent maneuvering though! This was no lazy parker.

  3. Jenna

    Winco is a supermarket chain. Sorry, I should’ve mentioned that in the description.

  4. RP

    It looks like they must have been drunk except it also look like it’s on purpose.

  5. Jerry

    ridiculously huge? That’s a Dakota, not even a full size truck!

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