Good scooter, bad scooter

Hingham, MA

Jeff says, “Don’t want to saturate the scooter parking police, but here is a before and after of parking because of the way the rest of the world views scooters. First photo, plenty of room. Scooter parked legally. Old car getting older. Second photo, scooter still legal. Old car still old. New car OVER THE LINE because the driver felt he could infringe on Scootle’s space. The horror!”



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9 responses to “Good scooter, bad scooter

  1. brodie

    I still say that some people are just assholes regardless of who or what is parked next to them. I’ve had people park like this next to me in my car, too. Plus, it’s angled parking…. that automatically lowers parking IQ by about 30 points for many people.

  2. sitboaf

    What happens when scooter leaves and Hummer needs to park there?

  3. brodie

    Trick question. Hummer drivers can’t park diagonally :p

  4. It’s Hingham, MA.

    Hummer drivers are a special breed as their brand of vehicle requires a time zone to park correctly.

    Brodie is still correct. The kindly old guy in the car to the right would have parked that poorly had I been driving my scoot, an ice cream truck or even an Oscar Myer Hot Dog car. Bad parkers will be bad parkers.

    I’m tempted to start parking right next to the line…but stay within range so I can rush to the aid of my scoot if someone strays too near.

    It would test the theory that a scooter does or doesn’t affect a parker.

  5. brodie

    You should start parking sideways in the spot so that your scooter takes up most of the width :p

  6. Jen

    Brodie said “Hummer drivers can’t park diagonally.”

    But of course they can! Diagonally across two or more regular parking spaces!

  7. Altijd een interessant onderwerp om over te lezen. Ik kan me dan ook goed voorstellen dat je er een mooi stukje over schrijft.

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