A bad name

Hiram, GA

Linz took this at Martin’s Restaurant. She says, “Martin’s is extremely crowded at breakfast (they serve GOOD biscuits), and this asshole was pretty much preventing people from parking in either spot to the sides of him (because of the angles). He gives Harley owners a bad name. He should not be allowed to put that tag on his truck.  He is probably a wanna be. No real Harley owner would park so poorly.”



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5 responses to “A bad name

  1. matt

    His parking is shite, but you’d have to be a really bad driver to not be able to park either side of him.

  2. That’s just way too bizarre.

  3. Kimberly

    Matt, I think most people are capable of fitting their car car in the spaces next to the truck but they don’t because you don’t know how good of a driver the truck owner is. I wouldn’t park there because I wouldn’t trust someone, who parks like that, to pull out without hitting my car.

  4. Jen

    Right Kimberly — not to mention that if the car two spots away gets replaced by a close parker, you could really be trapped, esp. on the left there.

  5. this blog is awesome! they should trap his car lol.

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