Truck v. Scooter

Hingham, MA

Jeff says, “After watching this guy pull into/onto his spot I have realized that Brodie is only half right. People in cars and trucks and regular four-wheel vehicles DO actually feel as if they have a right to the unused portion of the motorcycle’s or scooter’s space. Why in the world would this donkey park like this? If there had been a car in the spot there’s no way he could have slanted his way into the approximate parking spot/region without damaging his fine vehicle. Or is that just something that goes with the territory for bad parkers?”

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One response to “Truck v. Scooter

  1. brodie

    On the one hand, I have seen people park like this with a car in the spot. On the other hand, I don’t think that’s the case here. I think this guy was taking advantage of your scooting ass :p

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