A leg up

Fresno, CA

Charlene says, “This photo was taken at some apartments at Fresno State. To save money, people park across the street, then they will just jaywalk across the usually busy street instead of paying $68 for an on-campus parking pass. Bad parking is inevitable here, but this was the first time I came across somebody who left just one of their tires on the curb. Maybe it’s the fact that it was during finals week and they were in a hurry? It’s not so much an annoyance to me since the driver parked close to the curb, it just makes me wonder why anybody would ever leave their car like that!”

This is a good opportunity to point out that bad parking doesn’t have to be annoying or even an inconvenience. It’s okay if it’s just funny or if it’s minor. Bad parking is bad parking!



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3 responses to “A leg up

  1. JT

    The image is corrupt.

  2. brodie

    It shows up fine here.

    And I agree – bad parking is bad parking, even if it doesn’t affect anyone. People had that reaction to a recent photo of mine: “Who cares, it’s not affecting anyone else…” So? It’s still bad parking.

  3. Geno

    Depending on the intent of the driver, some bad parking can be good parking. Please be careful how it’s presented or captioned so that we can have a good laugh without it being offensive or judgmental. Also remember that a snapshot in time tells us nothing relative to vehicles that may have previously been parked in the vicinity that precipitated the “violation” of our sensibilities. But granted, some bad parking is just plain bad parking.

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