Columbus, OH

Adam has no idea how this happened. He explains, “Another person pulled up while I took this picture, unable to resist taking some himself. None of the employees had any idea how the car ended in such a position, and some said they did not believe it was there when they arrived to work.”


Filed under parking, suv

7 responses to “Tilted

  1. Sometimes I wonder if people park like this just to see if they can get on this website. 🙂

  2. I would like to have been there to watch the driver get out.

  3. b13

    HAHA! That’s not bad parking… that’s saving the dry spots for the compacts 🙂

  4. RP

    Is this a prank?
    I’m thinking the driver’s going to get back to their care and be all, “WTF?”

  5. Whoa! I bet this was done on purpose, since snow hasn’t come up from the ground for a few thousand years. xD

  6. xDDD that’s totally hilarious!

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