Over the bump


Atlanta, GA

According to Mark, this is the worst parking he’s ever seen.  Taken in a CVS parking lot, he says “the only mitigating factor I think of is that it was a Monday morning.”



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9 responses to “Over the bump

  1. Ouch!! The underside of his car can’t be too happy!!!

  2. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything quite like this! Great sighting, Mark!

  3. clh

    oh awesome… best bad parking pic yet.

  4. RP

    That’s just nuts. That had to have been an accident. There’s no way they wanted their car like that.

  5. Lovely Rita

    Wow. How did that happen? Were they drunk on that Monday morning??

  6. sitboaf

    You need to replace the picture in your blog header with THIS picture.

  7. This makes me happy.
    Now, I have accidentally driven over a parking curb, but with one wheel only, and nobody saw me ( I hope!).
    This takes the cake.

  8. Sam

    Haha…Is it bad that I’m from Atlanta and just look at this and say…”yeah, and?”. If this is how bad they park, you should see how bad they DRIVE.

  9. Various of people blog about this issue but you said really true words.

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