Mr. Silver Bug

Santa Barbara, CA

Kjaere says this was taken in a very crowded lot. “My car is the blue one on the right. I had to swing around funny to get in there, and it was stressful with cars everywhere and people trying to get parking spots. So Mr. Silver Bug here, was already annoying me because of their poor parking and then when I got out of the car, I was scared to death by a vicious animal I assume was a dog, who I thought was going to attack me through the cracked window of the Silver Bug. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.”



Filed under car, parking

2 responses to “Mr. Silver Bug

  1. Sounds more like a case of a bad day than bad parking. I mean come on, this silver bug’s barely over the line.

  2. RP

    But it’s just a VW Bug, David. If it were a larger car I might agree with you but there’s no reason the VW Bug shouldn’t have been completely in the space.

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