On the bank

Boise, ID

Becky found this in the parking lot of her work. She says, “Notice how the driver kept thier car within the parking spot but on top of the snowbank! They must have been late to work, and all of the other close spots were already taken.”

Now that’s determined parking.



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4 responses to “On the bank

  1. Becky

    Hey, the location IS known – it’s Boise, Idaho! Represent! LOL

  2. At least it could make for a quicker getaway because of the downhill speed!

  3. That’s hilarious! I love how he’s at least within the lines. It’s bad parking, but he isn’t inconveniencing anyone else. And that’s a-ok in my book!

  4. The snow will melt and he will be on the “Perfectly Parked” blog.

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