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Crosswalk Cop

Arlington, VA

Jeff took this picture taken outside the Arlington County Courthouse and calls it “Cop Parking in a Crosswalk.”

Maybe the white lines were confusing…



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New Haven, CT

Lynn too this ina parking garage near the Metro North Station. She says, “My car is the black one on the right. I parked for a weekend trip to New York City, and there was no one in the space next to me. Somehow this person parked INCHES from my car, so close that if you look carefully their right side rear-view mirror is overlapping in front of mine: not sure how this was accomplished without scratching my car, but somehow they pulled it off. I had to climb in on the passenger side to get out.”

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Student parking

Coon Rapids, MN

Jessica took this at Anoka-Ramsey Community College.  She says, “Parking in this lot is near impossible most of the time, since there are too many students and not enough spaces.  As you can see, my car (the red one) is one of the few in this section of the row that’s actually in the space.”


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Lazy and inconsiderate

Northport, NY

Dan fully admits this isn’t really “bad” parking, but rather “inconsiderate and lazy.” He says, “Apparently she couldn’t be bothered to walk that extra few feet. I’d say she deserved to be caught on camera in front of her fine piece of work for the world to see.”

Thanks Dan. And for all the haters out there, we at Bad Parking accept bad parking photos as well as lazy, inconsiderate, funny, obnoxious, ridiculous (you get the idea) parking photos. It’s just that Bad/Lazy/Inconsiderate/Funny/Obnoxious/Ridiculous, Etc. Parking seemed a little long for a blog title.

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The closer the better

Southern Iowa

JB says, “I encountered this when leaving the office a week ago.  Now, I know everyone wants to be close to the door, but this car did not even make an effort to cheat.  The lot had many more spaces than normal – a nice weather Friday – but even that wasn’t good enough.”

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Need my Rx

Rochester, NY

Alison and Aaron say, “These two photos were taken in  a Tops parking lot.  Tops is a grocery store that usually seems to be filled with geriatrics hellbent on getting to be the first in line to get their 853 prescriptions filled.  As you can see, both handicapped parking spaces are empty, but this guy parked in the lines with his boat sticking out into the drive lane and decided he’d put enough effort in for the day. Amazingly, the paint job on it is flawless.”

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