A lesson learned

Austin, TX

Andrew says, “This was my awesome response to a consistently awful parking job by one of the managers where I used to work. She had this huge fancy SUV, which was usually parked in the compact car area across 2 spaces. This was at a time when the company was paying a parking service to double-park cars to fit more cars into the lot. Since I think I am one of the best backer-inners, I squeezed into this spot literally inches away. You can see I am within my line and it’s passenger door-to-passenger door, so she could still get into her car… (I’m not a COMPLETE jerk!)

One of my coworkers found this so amusing, he took a picture and passed it around over e-mail. The owner of the car got a copy, at which point she e-mailed everybody stating that she had asked for MY CAR to be towed! After she found out it was me, she said that there would be a good chance she’d take off my mirror getting out of her space! At that point, since she was a manager, I had my fun for the day, and there were now other open spots in the lot, I moved my car… that was the last day I ever saw her park across 2 spaces ever again.”

Nice work Andrew!



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5 responses to “A lesson learned

  1. Banksy

    Nice of you to take one for the team, Andrew!

  2. Kimberly

    It really takes balls to ask for a properly parked car to be towed when YOURS is the problem!

  3. Sue

    I believe that the girl that parked and took the extra spot is so in the wrong and the girl that is the good backer inner has what it takes to go places…you go girl. S

  4. Tremaine

    Sue: you think the “good backer inner” is a female?? “Her” name is Andrew.

    Women drivers….sheesh.

  5. Angela Herself

    When Kevin drove a junker, he’d do this, but he made sure that he parked against the drivers side, so they would have to get in on the passenger side. He didn’t care if they backed out and banged up his truck.

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