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Irvine, CA

With permission, I took this photo from LanBui.com. Here’s the story:

“I went to…an outdoor mall and was delighted to be able to park in the brand new parking structure. It is a great addition to the [mall] because of the parking problem it once had. The parking structure is very advanced and will tell you, via digital displays, how many spots are available on each floor.

This day the structure was full, well most floors said full, this particular floor showed 5 spaces left. Upon driving around looking for the scarce 5, I found this vehicle parked in two spaces. I decided to try to teach this person a lesson.”

Read his note above. He claims he didn’t really try to park there, but it’s a good lesson nonetheless.



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6 responses to “Leave a note

  1. James

    People who park like that should be hung up by their private parts. However, given this person is driving an expensive car they probably have little if any private parts of which to speak.

  2. That’s funny, but it presents me with this:

    What if that person was parking next to another bad parker? And they had no choice, since the other bad parker was parked over the lines, to park next to them over the lines?

    I once thought about parking as close as possible to a bad parker, but that would have made me look like a bad parker myself once they left.

    Seeing photos of people parked over the lines is funny, but all Bad Parking aficionados should beware before lashing out: Maybe it wasn’t their fault.

  3. hammy

    Is this is in Fresno, CA? It looks like Riverpark… and the old beat up truck points in that direction…

  4. I agree with James completely.

    I love the note! Especially “Beaches are fun.”

  5. I’m glad you liked this!!!

    It was in Irvine, CA

  6. @Sabrina, you seem to know what you’re talking about. Would you mind sending me your mail address? I would like to speak more with you.

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