Still running

Grand Rapids, MI

At first glance this doesn’t appear to be bad parking. Until you hear the story.

“This guy left his unattended car RUNNING in the parking lot for 20+ minutes while he went in and did his shopping. I know this because I passed by it on my way in to shop myself, and he was nowhere to be found and the car was running. Just idling along. Then, after I shopped myself for more than a good 20 minutes, I came out, got in my car, and proceeded to drive by to take a picture of the car as a visual aide for this story. Well, he was just then coming out! I thought for sure someone had left it running on accident or something, but he seemed perfectly calm like that was his plan the entire time. Very bizarre.”



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3 responses to “Still running

  1. JM

    Maybe he had an animal in the car he wanted to keep warm/cool. Or maybe his car is a p.o.s and if he shut it off he wouldnt be able to start it again.
    Who knows…people do some weird things…..

  2. Just Jo no "e"

    This happens all the time in KY, especially in the winter. I wouldn’t have even thought twice about this.

  3. Mindy

    This is very common in the mid-west in the winter. When I lived in North Dakota and would go to the mall it was common to see several cars running in the lot while people shopped.

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