Passive aggressive

Bellevue, WA

Strawberry78 even made us a visual guide to tell her story! 

“My dad is disabled, and we would have liked to park in the spot on the right of the picture as it has room for a wheelchair ramp. However, this soccer mom [editor’s note: we have no proof she is in fact a soccer mom] decided to not only park in a handicapped spot without a permit, but take up the space next to it as well. Apparently backing in isn’t one of her better skills. We called mall security (ooh… scary, right?), left the most passive-aggressive note ever (even put it in a plastic bag since it was raining), then hid in the mall and watched as [she] came back to her car while dragging a kid and countless shopping bags with her. Our note didn’t seem to faze her, so since she has a recognizable vanity plate, the next time this happens we’ll call the police.”

Scary indeed.



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9 responses to “Passive aggressive

  1. sitboaf

    Maybe she’s half-handicapped.
    It’s amazing that someone who took the time to BACK IN to the spot would be so careless as to the results.

  2. Kimberly

    If she is only half handicapped my guess, by the parking job, is that her brain is the half with the problem.

  3. Karin

    okay, who backs into an angled parking spot? Unless you’re going the wrong way, it doesn’t make sense.

    And to defend her a little tiny bit, that handicapped sign is really far away. Don’t know if that’s common where you live but here, not only do you need a sign for enforcement, you need to have the universal handicapped symbol painted on the parking spot.

  4. Linna

    Ideally the photographer could have parked her car, handicapped sticker prominently displayed ascloseaspossible to the offending car.

  5. Your post fails to impress me in the way you intended it to.

    Where I live we have the universal symbol for handicapped parking painted on the pavement and a metal sign above each designated handicapped parking stall with the same symbol on it.

    In addition, each handicapped “driver” must have the same universal symbol (plasticized sign) prominently displayed on their dashboard or hanging from their rear view mirror.

    If this pavement marking and metal sign are not in evidence then there is no legal grounds to ticket any driver for parking in those stalls.

    In this case I see no pavement marking or signage of any kind whatsoever. That being the case I’m wondering where you got the notion that calling mall security was a legitimate thing to do. What grounds would security or yourself have to take any legal action on?

    The answer is “none”. Hence you look like a crank. Also you behaved like a crank. You wasted time writing a manipulative (passive aggressive) note, and then hid in the mall like a twit when you could have been attending to assisting your handicapped dad with his shopping.

  6. Steph

    What did the note say?

  7. Each state has different rules regarding signage. Perhaps WA doesn’t require the pavement to be painted. In any case, it sounds like the mother with small child, multiple bags, etc was more than capable of walking to her car, even if it had been parked one space over.

  8. Jen

    “In this case I see no pavement marking or signage of any kind whatsoever.”

    No signage other than the… sign which the photographer marked in red?

    Regardless, shouldn’t someone think twice before double-parking into the first two slots in a row?

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