Three for the price of one

Cleveland, OH

Of these three photos, Phil says…

1. “Taken at the Cleveland Heights/University Heights Library. As you can see, it had snowed in the not-too-distant past, but the lines are as clear as day. This is a very small parking lot, by the way, and it’s not unusual to see people circling and circling looking for a space.  This sure didn’t help.”

2.  “The parking garage at the University Hospital’s outpatient surgery center. Not only did this person shove a 4-door coupe into a “small cars only” section, he or she took two spaces. I hope it wasn’t one of the doctors.”

3.  “At a local grocery store. A giant pickup taking over two spaces, one of which is a handicapped space, despite the fact that the vehicle has neither a handicapped plate nor a hangtag. Also, it has no front plate at all, despite the fact that Ohio requires the display of both front and rear plate.
Seems like parking here has gotten a lot worse.”


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2 responses to “Three for the price of one

  1. Nice catches. But, I think you meant to write “four-door sedan” in depiction number 2. “Four-door coupe” is an oxymoron.

  2. domenci

    From Wikipedia:
    Four-door coupé
    A sedan with classic coupé-like proportions. The designation was first applied to a low-roof model of the Rover P5 from 1962 until 1973, but was revived by the 2005 Mercedes-Benz CLS, as well as other models including the 2009 Jaguar XJ. However, the low roof design reduces back seat passenger access and headroom

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