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Funky 1

Louisville, KY

These are the first of many from funkychick17. She took them at a small local university.

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No triple rows

Indianapolis, IN

It’s a little difficult to see at first, but look closely and read the description.

Andrea says, “This was taken in the parking lot of a cinema. The white SUV is mine and is parked within the white lines of the space. The car at the right is in the space, but pulled forward into the space next to mine. We have no idea what the red SUV [in the foreground] was thinking! There are no lines where she stopped and last I checked, not very many parking lots are triple rows!”

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Speaks for itself

Hampton, VA

Ryan says, “The picture speaks for itself.”


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Good guess

Location Unknown

Kevin says, “I have no idea what this person was thinking. Your guess is as good as mine.”

Any guesses?


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Curb hopper

Phoenix, AZ

Christibob took this” at my local movie theatre. Found this Hummer parked on the curb.”

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Alexandria, VA

Empress says, “As you can see there’s a small bit of snow near the left side of the parking space, but there was plenty of clearance to park without it affecting the driver. This was in a really crowded parking lot where people stalk you to your vehicle for a spot because they’re in high demand.”

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Pointing the finger at herself

Location Unknown

Lisa says, “So the silver suzuki is mine – but since all lines are evident, it’s difficult to figure out which lines you’re meant to follow. Technically it’s the white lines, as most of the yellow lines have either faded or have been removed. But, the yellow mustang, isn’t mine, but even they can’t decide, and park over two lines. Takes talent, that does.”

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