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Triple threat

Cork, Ireland

Ange says, “From my hostel window I witnessed some atrocious parking. This photo captures three examples. My favourite is the black van in the bottom right corner.”

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Budapest, Hungary

Ange says, “This van is parked on a corner and sticking out on the street. Sorry for the bad angle, but the scary delivery man caught me taking the photo before I could adjust the angle.”

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A parking (Buda)pest

Budapest, Hungary

Ange says, “First of all this isnt even a car park, its just a street that’s been barricaded. So there are no lines and therefore technically no ‘wrong’ way to park. But one car has managed to double park not one but at least eight!”

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Two wrongs don’t make a right

Long Island, NY

Nikki (The Grammarphile) took this picture in her office parking lot. “I love how, if one person parks like an idiot, it starts a pattern/chain reaction of idiotic parking.”


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Pleasantville, NJ

Angie apologizes that this is so dark, but if focus really hard you can see that this car is parked in a triangle of painted lines. She says, “My boyfriend and I came upon this car when we came out of the movie theater and we both said ‘Let’s send it to Bad Parking!’ The lot wasn’t even full and there were plenty of close spots. This guy really did not need to park in the triangle that clearly isn’t a spot.”


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Guess the goof up

Location Unknown

Justin offered no explanation besides the fact that he’s an actor, film maker and editor. Justin… what about the poor parking?

Let’s play a game. What do you think is going on here?


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