Middle of nowhere

Atwater, CA

Ryan says, “I spotted this car just after arriving to my high school in the morning. It’s not even in a stall. What’s funnier is how it’s blocking the aisle and right next to a speed bump. I wonder if it’s a student’s vehicle. There was nobody in the vehicle and some other people were taking pictures of the mess too.”

This has to be a practical joke. What other excuse is there?


Filed under car, parking

4 responses to “Middle of nowhere

  1. sitboaf

    Hall Of Fame nominee!

  2. asah

    hahahaha only in atwater
    “aaand… there! PERFECT”

  3. Tim Craig

    It looks pretty foggy. Maybe the kid parked a few hours earlier when it was really thick. Maybe in all the confusion the speed bump only looked like a think parking space line. Maybe……OK, it’s bad…

  4. N

    When I was in high school, I can remember people parking like that to block a car that had parked in their assigned place.

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